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Earning Gralats in EraEdit

While Playing Era there are many different ways to earn Gralats, such as Flower Picking, Trash Picking, Mushroom Cutting, Selling to the Black Market and Taxi Driving.

Flower Picking requires the use of a flower basket which can be obtain at a Flower shop, just use the Glove Icon/button to Pick it up. Once you have it equip it and interact with a flower until it gets to 100%. Flowers then later can be sold at a Flower Shop for Gralats.

Trash Picking Requires you to have a Trash Pick, there are many different Types of Trash Picks but you can get one free at a nearby recycling center on the counter just use the Glove icon/button to Pick it up. Once you have it Equip it when you find a Piece of trash which can include a Old Tire, Broken Bottles, Pieces of Paper or even a News Paper and Interact with the Trash and you should pick it up instantly.

Trash Paper 4 Gralats
Trash Broken Bottle 5 Gralats
Trash Newspaper 4 Gralats
Trash Tire 6 Gralats

Mushroom Cutting, This requires you to have a Mushroom Knife Which is not free and must be purchase for 250 Gralats at a Witch House. Mushrooms can be sold for 5 Gralats each and spawn in various locations around the Map. Simply attack a Mushroom using this knife and get it to 100%.

Black Market, is Located within the food market which you can sell body parts such at the brain, eyes, Hands, Feet, bones and Hearts. You can rarely get these body parts by killing other players. 

Bone 3 Gralats
Brain 5 Gralats
Eyes 4 Gralats
Foot 3 Gralats
Hand 3 Gralats
Heart 5 Gralats

Shells, is one of the most common way of making money on Era, Shovels can be bought for 50 Gralats at a Shell Shack by the beach, Equip a Shovel and start digging near a beach or anywhere there is Beach Sand. Be aware of Crabs that rarely spawn they deal 3 damage. Crabs rarely drop Crab Shells which can be sold for 6 Gralats.

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