Guns. Ah, The weapons that rule era, I will constantly update more guns and edit old content.

I will reveal locaion, price, damage and clip of each gun.

________________________________________________________________M4___Tachi Dojo Guns Edit

The M4 is a semi-automatic gun that deals 8 damage, it cost $55000 Gralats. For an additional $45000 Gralats you can buy its attachment.

Clip: 16

Bullets Fired Per Shot: 1

Can Duel: No

Include skins: They are located beside the M4.

Damage: 8

Location- Dojo in top right corner of the map for $55000 Gralats.

____________________________________________________________________Famas Edit

The Famas is a gun very similar to the M4, This includes more freeze but it is fully-automatic. The Famas cost $30000 Gralats.

Damage: 8

Clip: 200



Dojo store

This is where the M4 and Famas is sold. It is in the dojo at the top right part of the map

Egg Roll Shack GunsEdit


AP7 Is a gun that looks like a pistol but with a silencer. It does 8 damage and can be dual wielded
Location- Egg roll shack

Clip size of 6 (12 if dual) _____________________________________

Tarus- A gun that resembles a revolver. It has a very slow reload and does 9 damage per bullet, with a clip of 6.

Location- Egg roll shack (secret location) dive down to the left of the "warning deep water sign"

Cost- It is 6,000 gralats each (see bottom of section)

Ap7 tarus 1

Dive to the left of the "Deep Water!" sign

Directions to Tarus and AP7

Ap7 tarus 2

Swim to the other side and grab the key next to the dead person


Ap7 tarus 3

The tarus is on the right and the ap7 is on the left

Bridge Sewer GunEdit

Neo Riffle- A rifle that fires a single bullet and has two shots in a clip. It also has two special functions, the first one being

Neo riffle
able to wear it on your back and the second one being the bayonet. It's bullet does 9 damage and its bayonet does 6 melee damage.

Location- Under the bridge where the tourist is. Go into the cave and dive in the green water. Swim until you reach the other side and you will see the weapon. (see bottom of section)

Neo riffle 1

Go under the bridge where the tourist is

Directions to neo rifle

Neo riffle 2

Go in the cave and dive in the green water

Neo riffle 3

Swim to the end and come up and you will see the Neo Riffle

One more store needs to be added

Photos done by Best Member Pro chickëmæñ (mustang squad)

ALSO the new 'classic' weapons are found in the classic house (classic sword and bow)

Trivia Edit

  • The gun shop called egg roll shack makes some similarities to Weapon Shack, a place behind the barn of pingo. a creation created by XxFudgeManPacHoesxX. a humour pac-man like person, later finally terminated for some unknown reasons. his profile is currently unvisitable. possibly no link to see he is banned. we can see his profile here even he is poison-banned.
  • His XxFudgeManPacHoesxX web archive profile visitable is currently not visitable anymore, and discontinued. now this profile is offline