Graal Era, A game of which you are in the era of Italian crime bosses of America.

This is one of the few "Graal" games published by ToonSlab, the point of the game is to work with other players or by yourself to; earn money from jobs, trade, explore Era and its "zones", and to become a "pro".

Era consists of 1000-2300 online/active players at one time and often has "Admins and Moderators" online.

Like other Graal games Era has a clan (more commonly known as gangs) system. This consists of up to 1-50 members who can be your friends and fight together to rule the streets of Era, Owning a certain part of the map will reward you to gang rewards, gangs have the optional purchase of a gang house, a cool crib for You and your friends to hang out and take a break.